THANK YOU for Hoting racetrack 2019

2019 year trotting week has been harvested and we have met many nice and happy visitors, active and all others scattered praise of our arrangements ...

Not only did the weather trotting days in a good way, but also pony trot, and our celebrations and dances got their dose of the good weather, which is one of the important details of a successful event.

Sporting was the nice races and even some excitement during the final day battle for championship, because Rikard N Skoglund gave everyone the opportunity to catch up, but nobody got through without Richard became champion in the "blazer". More about the champion fight you can read in Anders Lindkvist posts.

Hermann Hotings Cold-blooded Trophy has "walked" through the years ever since Herman found his Hoting (2000) and decided to set up a hiking price each, for warm blooded and cold blooded (2001). Varmbloden price took Thule Jonsson at Umeå home for a few years to see, and now it was kallbloden fine price to get a new home, namely at Magnus O Jonsson, Indal with its Hallsta Majestix took his third mortgage, without Mr. Hoting in place. We have had contact with Mr. Hoting and he is delighted to Magnus Jonsson O finally had become a permanent owner of the trophy.

per Söderberg, one of our Hoting Travelodge Lovers, managed to fill a bus from Ostersund to our lunch trotting (on the bus were also Ostersund longtime champion Einar Magnusson, who seemed to thrive in Hoting) and the whole gang was very pleased with both the reception with refreshments on "logloftet" together "Tåsjö-before-and now-gang" and then the whole day traveling in other.

We were expecting queues to totes, and so it became, but we will discuss in another forum; neither we nor our visitors help doing this ... What's done is done and now we look forward!

Chairman, as I am, I am proud of my assistants, proud of our Travvvecka and proud of all the fine words that poured over us working with Travelodge week ... The warm indeed and I hope all the helpers also takes for himself the praise and feel the warmth of the ...

Of course, I also want to thank "Loket" Olsson and Anders Lindkvist for the setting up of Hoting-week and also thanks to the multiple champion in Hoting, Jan Norberg, the gilded both the sponsor party and lunch racetrack with us ... One is certainly safe; THERE WILL BE MORE COMING; BOYS!!!!

Last of all I want / We thank ALL, that makes possible the week ... Everything from voluntary worker to the audience and horse owners etc., etc ... to all my helpers THANK 2019 years of success and also welcome you to 2020 year Hoting Week with probable starting the 4 July…

With warm trot greetings
Sven-Olov Lindman