Pony Camp in Hoting “a success”

Monday 22 July – lördag 27 July conducted Bergsåker / Dannero ponnytrav a camp week with us at Hotings racetrack.  30 adolescents and 30 horses experienced “Hoting-atmosphere” together with leaders and staff.  A real camp life with accommodation on mattresses in the large lodge, near the horse, close to the beach and also close to Anki and Laila's delicious food throughout the week…

The camp was a success, you understand when you meet the participants every day and see the joy in their eyes and it was not the worse of it incredibly nice weather during the week. For fine did think some of us, right?

We want from Hoting trotting side to thank all participants, young people and leaders, for a pleasant and instructive camp week and also to thank everyone for a nice, friendly demeanor during the week.

We thank you of course also our “co-sponsors” pony camp: 100 Left, Hotingtravets Sponsortrav, Swedbank and the Savings Bank Foundation, for their benevolent attitude to Hoting trotting pony camp.

During the final day were invited parents and the rest of us curious as to a number of races in which participants showed up and that “made for himself” of the week all the exercises.

Finally took everyone a meal together at Ankis serving with various awards and with this completed one year's pony camp week in Hoting.

We wish you all a nice summer and wish you welcome back 2020.

Hoting racetrack by Sven-Olov Lindman.

PS Many thanks to the whole gang to You clean as well for your DS